Large Scale Public Pools and Commercial Pool Installations
(Hotels, Camps, Restaurants)


To see the BioNova® Public NSP Brochure, click here.

BioNova® has Public Pool installations in Europe, Africa, and Australia and has now begun to provide design, planning, installation and project management services on Public/Commercial projects of all sizes in the Americas.

All BioNova® NSPs are built to exceed the German FLL Recommendations  Adopted by most of the European Union countries, the German FLL Recommendations are more strict than most of the State Health Departments in the US, the US EPA, Canadian and World Health Organization standards for natural bathing water.

The first Public Natural Swimming Pool in the US is now under construction by BioNova® in conjunction with Landform of Minneapolis, MN and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. This Natural Swimming Pool will be at Minneapolis’ Webber Park in North Minneapolis and will feature a 21,000 sq.ft. swimming zone with a 16,000 sq.ft. regeneration zone. Features currently being planned for the NSP include lanes for competitive swimming, a jumping platform, zero depth beach entries and a shallow wading area. Click here for a video from Minneapolis’ KSTP Channel 5. For more information on this project, please email [email protected]

The grand opening of the 100th Public NSP in Germany occurred in June, 2008 at Naturbad Maria Einsiedel in the City of Munich, a pool that was designed by BioNova®.

Another milestone success was achieved in July, 2010 with the opening of the first Public NSP in Scandanavia at Sigtuna near Stockholm, Sweden. Click here to watch a video of the opening celebration!

Below – the first Public NSP installed in Germany – designed by BioNova® and opened in 1998 – the swimming zone is on the left, a kiddie pool is in the middle and the regeneration zone is on the right side.


Smaller scale Public/Commercial Projects include this glamorous family-friendly Camping Facility in France seen below. LeCamp is run by a British couple who sought out the relaxing beauty and style of France.  Acclaimed for its “Glamping” style, its BioNova® Natural Pool is a huge hit all summer long.


If you’d like a place to experience swimming in a BioNova® Natural Pool, then make a reservation here and enjoy this one in the photograph below – it’s over 65 feet long. Click here to visit the LeCamp website!


In the town of Vorderhornbach in the Austrian Alps the popular Restaurant Badino has it’s own 10,000 square foot Commercial Natural Swimming Pool.  Below is a photo of the NSP. To see a video of this pool, click here.


Below are a few photos of the many BioNova® designed Public NSPs:


natural swimming pool










For more information on BioNova® Public/Commercial pools – or to inquire about having having us perform a feasibility study or provide design, planning and consulting services, please email us at:

[email protected] or call +1-507-Bio-Nova (246-6682)

To see the BioNova® Public NSP Brochure, click here.


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